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We are a multi-specialty Medical Group.

Our approach to providing Healthcare
has made us one of the best medical groups
in the region.

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Our group & affiliates

The PMC group includes multiple specialties and disciplines. A whole person approach is addressed and each patient can have access to our comprehensive network. The Phoenician Medical Center (PMC) integrated care network includes subspecialties like Neurology & Sleep, Pain Management, Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Vein & Vascular, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Sleep Centers with ancillary services in Laboratory, Imaging and Radiology.

Practices & Locations

Healthcare, by design, is a multidisciplinary profession in which doctors, nurses, and health professionals from various specialties must work together, communicate often, and share resources. This is what makes Phoenician Medical Center efficient in the delivery of care. A successful health group strives to make the most comprehensive assessment of a patient’s situation and to follow it up with a full-range plan of treatment.

When healthcare professionals work together, the number of medical errors is reduced and the level of patient safety rises. This type of comprehensive approach has been found to diminish the work culture issues that lead to professional burnout.

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