Phoenician Medical Center Listens.
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You have certain expectations, and so do we! Ever since we opened our first facility, we have strived to provide the excellent healthcare for those we serve. Your medical and health needs are important to you and we value the trust you have placed in us to make your experience with our practice both highly customized and personalized. In addition to the care you receive from us, one of our top priorities is to insure that as a patient, you are able to communicate with our management on any issues or concerns you may have.

To do this we have created PMC Listens, a proactive program that is designed to connect us together so that any suggestions, concern or comment you have is both communicated and responded to.

We want you to know that at Phoenician Medical Center, we not only listen, but we take action by addressing every issue, concern and suggestions that is made to us and we are constantly looking for the opportunity to improve and continue to deliver the best possible healthcare experience.

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