The PMC group includes multiple specialties and disciplines. A whole person approach is addressed and each patient can have access to our comprehensive network. This makes our group unique and effective. Our physicians, many of them leaders in their respective communities, recognized that the formation of PMC would best serve their practices and allow them to continue to treat their patients with the same high quality as in the past.

Phoenician Medical Center's growth strategy is to essentially build by adding more Quality Practices and Providers. Phoenician Medical Center can quickly and efficiently incorporate existing or established practices into their group creating an almost seamless transition. Within this strategy Phoenician Medical Care can become stronger in numbers and maintain a profitable and sensible business model for both the practice and provider.

Multispecialty groups have a lot to offer primary care physicians. You can get quick consults from specialists in a collegial atmosphere, avoid the difficult details of running a small business, benefit from the group's contracting clout, and share in ancillary revenue streams from labs and other facilities.

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